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Supporting You, bespoke health and safety solutions

Bespoke health and safety solutions from Safety 4 HEd’s lead consultant Vincent Theobald-Vega who uses his huge experience of health and safety matters to support a wide range of clients. Our aims are to:

  • Make your companies safer.
  • Ensure you are legally compliant.
  • Reduce your costs from accidents, incidents and other losses caused by health and safety shortcomings.

All our services are tailored to meet your needs. We have the experience, recognition and contacts to provide you with a full range of services, to make your life safer and easier, often at less cost than without using our specialist services.

See what we do for you in our most recent Services Booklet.

Also see the free materials we have found for you on the new Free Materials page.

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Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Awards 2019

Lawyer International - Legal 100 award 2019

Lawyer International - Legal 100 award 2019

Our FIFTH Award Winning year!

Our latest awards we can own up to!

For the third year running gaining the Lawyer Monthly Expert Witness Award.
For the second year running achieving the the Lawyer International – legal 100.

Please visit our awards page for more information on the long list of achievements to date. If you want to know more just email and ask us what the fuss is about.

These awards underline the quality and range of the support that Safety 4 HEd can offer clients across a wide range of issues, including Expert Witness services (which are as much about not going to Court as Court cases), and the bespoke health and safety support to assist you in preventing accidents, incident, cases and a wide range of other issues.

Feel free to leave us feedback on our services to you. Awards are great but the best recognition comes from our clients. See the quotes in the green box for some of our feedback.

Safety Head (image © Fotoila - reproduced with permission)

How would you like …

… to engage one person who can, with one fee, provide your safety advisory, training and associated services (like audits, inspections and investigations) to the current best practice standards?
One person who can deal with all types of staff, from Porters to Professors; and who has experience of the Courtroom, with a 100% success as both prosecutor and defense. Somebody experienced as a specialist, as a senior manager in a major University, and who is used to dealing with strategic issues in a commercial environment …

2 Hours of HSE time in cash.

Just 2 Hours of HSE time looks like this in hard cash.

Client Support Service

These are long term contracts to provide a bespoke health and safety support service to clients – depending on their specific needs. The contract spreads the cost of the service over monthly standing order payments, and provide peace of mind that there will be somebody there to help you if things go wrong. On top of this, subscribing to a service contract means that you can ask for help as much as you need – all included in the monthly fee.

How much? Well, that depends on what you want. All our services are tailored to suit you, but that does not mean expensive. Support packages start from as little as £100 per month and for charities this can be considerably less.

Additionally all our contracted Clients also get a minimum of 1/3 off our normal prices for any additional services. However, because the service is so generous there are very few additional items that would need to be paid for. In short this is normally only if a specific visit is needed to sort out an issue, investigate an incident, deliver training or attend a meeting. Even then, many things can be included in your fee.

In line with excellence we also help save you money with Free Materials for our Clients.

HSE says off-the-shelf training is a waste of money

Remember all our training is BESPOKE AS STANDARD. The HSE have been urging employers to ditch off the shelf training. The Safety and Health Practitioner magazine expressed this as “Simplistic and ‘off-the-shelf’ training for manual handling is a ‘waste of time and money’, according to the Health and Safety Executive“. This is because simple training that does not take regard of the actual workplace will always fall short, not addressing the needs or protections of that workplace. If all you handle are bags and pipes, why should people be taught to pick up empty boxes. The methods are different, the solutions are different, and the people involved will see through the shortcomings of the off-the-shelf approach. Our training costs no more and provides you with bespoke courses, tailored to your people at your site. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

Teaching room

Teaching in small groups at your workplace.

Training Courses

We have a range of training courses – most of which are able to be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our courses include short sessions (of only an hour) to full day courses. We also do practical sessions (such as Evacuation Chair training in your workplace, using your chairs at the location they will be needed) or purely theoretical lectures when needed. Vincent Theobald-Vega is a qualified instructor in many areas (such as Manual Handling) plus a qualified teacher, holding the Cert Ed (LLS) qualification.

Bespoke health and safety training is always better for you as it links into your systems, addresses your issues, and saves you time when compared to off-the-shelf courses. At Safety 4 HEd we offer bespoke training as standard, with no additional charges (IOSH and NEBOSH courses excepted).

To look at some of our excellent training course feedback please see the training pages. Also see the Free Materials page for selected basic courses.

Legal matters

For information about the company, insurances, registrations, contracts and all things legal please see the Legal Issues page. We are only responsible for our pages, not the sites that we sometimes suggest you view.