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New booking options are now available.

There are options for different lengths of site visits and Zoom sessions. However, you can still arrange evening sessions by email.

To help plan your visits, use this booking form. Ensure you explain what you want from the visit, and complete the contact information. You will receive an automatic email with the booking Reservation.

  • Mondays and Fridays – are generally for online meetings.
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – are normally available for either visits or online meetings.
  • Evenings – are able to be accommodated by mutual agreement.
  • Weekends – are available only in extreme emergencies.
  • Bank Holidays – can often be booked as normal days.

If you require a site visit or online meeting at other times please email us.

Choosing your visit type

  • Online (via Zoom)” meeting sessions (1:1 sessions only at present).
  • Short visits” are normally about 1 hour long. This can accommodate most general needs.
  • Longer visits” are normally about 2 hours long. These are for more complex needs or short training sessions.
  • Full day visits” are to enable training sessions and matters that cannot otherwise be accommodated.
  • OBE is a special visit type exclusively for students at Northumbria University as part of their NEBOSH examinations. Only bookings from those specific students will be accepted for this visit type.

How To Use the Form

The arrows < and > (top left and right of the calendar) will change the month on view. The colours are used as follows:

  • Red – dates or times have already been booked.
  • Dark grey – dates or times are unavailable.
  • White – dates and times are bookable.

Select the following in sequence:

  • the visit type; and
  • the month, using the < and > arrows at the top of the view; and
  • a day (in white), and
  • the time (in white) that you want to start the session.

Then complete the fields below, making sure to add your email and the purpose of the booking. For visits do not forget to give us the address you want us to go to.

NB: The GDPR approval box needs to be selected before the booking can be completed. Without this we cannot store and process your data.

What’s Next

You will automatically get an email “booking Reservation“. We then check the booking, before getting back to you with further queries or a “booking Confirmation“. This may take a few days.

To enable us to process your booking, we will store your details on our computer systems. If you want to know more about our use of your data please feel free to contact us. Safety 4 HEd holds a Data Protection Registration number Z3050069.


  • The appearance of a date indicating availability is not a guarantee that the date will be available. Should you require other times, please contact us by email.
  • If possible we do not change bookings. However, on occasions we will need to change bookings and we will strive give you at least one week’s notice. (NB. excepting issues which are beyond our control.)
  • You should not make further arrangements until you have a visit confirmation. If we do not confirm a booking, Safety 4 HEd will not be liable for any losses due to rearrangement or cancellation.
  • If it will require a large amount of travel to attend your site, please book slots before and after your main booking or request a longer slot, with an actual appointment time defined in the text of the booking, to enable Vincent to get to the desired location. Please consider this as it may mean that your booking is incompatible with existing bookings.
  • We try to keep about three months on view at any time. But, for many reasons this will not always happen.
  • A confirmed booking is the basis for a contract. Therefore, reservations are all made under our terms and conditions of service. Cancellation fees may be charged if bookings are moved or cancelled, especially at short notice. We will always be understanding in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

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