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This page includes options for morning, afternoon or whole day bookings (some evenings are also offered for teaching or when there is no other possible time). Please select from the option before selecting the date you require.

To help you plan our visits, we have provided this booking and availability form. Please choose the date and session before completing the form. Be sure to explain what it is that you want from the visit (general advice, inspection, audit etc.) and also complete the contact information. You will automatically get an email back to your account with the booking RESERVATION.  See below for what happens next.

NOTE that December is heavily booked because of examination issues. I will still be able to provide bookings but they will need to be agreed by telephone or email not by using this form. This is because the time is being booked for examination matters using a different calendar system.


  • The squares top right and left of the calendar below will change the month on view.
  • The dark grey dates are not available for booking via this method.
  • Dates with red are already fully booked.
  • Each day has a morning and afternoon session. The dark grey has already been booked but you can book the light grey session by clicking on it and completing the information in the boxes below.

To Use

Select the visit option (Evening / Whole day / Morning / Afternoon).

Select the month: using the small boxes at the top of the view.

Select the day. You will also need to select the time (normally only one option).

Complete the fields below

NB: Booking needs GDPR box to be ticked before it will be completed.

What’s Next

You will automatically get an email back to your account with the booking Reservation. This will then be checked with other work (not all of which is necessarily visible on the chart) and then we will get back to you with queries or a Confirmation as soon as we can. This may take a few days.

Your details will be stored in our systems for a reasonable time so that we can process your data. if you want to know more about our use of your data please feel free to contact us. We are registered with the Data Protection Registrar and comply with data protection legislation.


  • Advance bookings for work are allocated to the first confirmed client. The appearance of a date indicating availability is not a guarantee that the date will be available.
  • We do not change bookings if possible. However, on occasions we will need to change bookings and we will strive give you at least one week’s notice. (NB. excepting sickness and similar issues which are beyond our control.)
  • Although it is a ‘live’ document, you should not make arrangements until a confirmation has been made. Safety 4 HEd will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of booking sessions before confirmations are made.
  • This booking system offers two appointments per day (1000 and 1400) and some evenings. If you require other times please contact us by email.
  • If substantial travel is required, there will also need to be time available before and after your booking to enable Vincent to get to the desired location. Please consider this as it may mean that your booking is incompatible with existing bookings.
  • Further dates will be released in due course. We try to keep between three and four months on view at any time.
  • All reservations are made under our terms and conditions of service. We reserve the right to charge cancellation fees if bookings are moved or cancelled, especially at short notice. Making a booking, which is confirmed, is the basis for a contract.