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How to Contact Us for anything.


E-mail is often the best way to communicate for us and for you – because the messages do not interrupt your other work and you can also send documents or other attachments. However, if you need something more immediate then phone. Most e-mails are answered the same or next working day.

Please use the following email addresses to contact us. Please put a message title with a summary of what you want (it helps identify your important message from the spam and other stuff we all get). Please remember to leave your contact details so that we can get back to you.


Call Vincent on 07940 564 889.

If you want to discuss a problem or get a better idea of what we can do for you then this is often the best means of contact. Vincent is often teaching or working on other client sites so sometimes you will need to leave a message. Please do – we will get back to you (provided you leave a name and phone number). If you do not want to leave a message then you can always e-mail instead.


This is the good old time honoured method of communication, but it is also by far the slowest and may result in considerable delays in getting back to you. We prefer e-mails to letters, they are faster and more secure (especially important if you are sending confidential materials).

Safety 4 HEd LLP
7 Derwent View
NE17 7AN

Web Contact

Please feel free to use the contact box below to get in touch. Please remember to put in you email and phone number. All completed forms are held confidentially and will be deleted from the system once we have got back to you.

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