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Our courses have excellent feedback – see the latest course feedback from the students.

Remember all our training is Bespoke as Standard.

The HSE have encouraged employers to ditch standard off-the-shelf training. The Safety and Health Practitioner magazine expressed this as “Simplistic and ‘off-the-shelf’ training for manual handling is a ‘waste of time and money’, according to the Health and Safety Executive“. This is because simple training that does not take regard of the actual workplace will always fall short, not addressing the needs or protections of that workplace. If all you handle are bags and pipes, why should people be taught to pick up empty boxes. The methods are different, the solutions are different, and the people involved will see through the shortcomings of the off-the-shelf approach. Our training costs no more and provides you with bespoke courses, tailored to your people at your site. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

Our courses

Courses can be booked for exclusive delivery for your staff or students at your locations, or individual places can be booked on open delivery courses arranged by Safety 4 HEd.

Course List

Bespoke courses can also be arranged on most health and safety issues. If we do not deliver then we will assist you in finding a provider that can.

Basic Courses

These will be adapted to your specific needs

  • Introduction to Health and Safety (2Hrs)
  • Asbestos Awareness – A course for those who manage buildings or undertake general maintenance (2Hrs)
  • COSHH for Laboratory Workers – Basic (2Hrs)
  • Evacuating disabled people – Includes practical use of Evac Chairs (1Hr or 2Hr versions)
  • Investigation – Basic (2Hrs) (Extra Benefit)
  • Reporting Accidents – A course to explain the RIDDOR reporting requirements (1Hr)
  • Safety Signs – their meanings and uses – (half Hr)

General Courses

These are normally one day courses, but can be presented with more details and specific tailoring to your needs over different times as necessary.

  • COSHH for Laboratory Workers – General
  • General Inspection skills
  • Investigation – General (Extra Benefit)
  • Manual Handling courses (at various levels, including undertaking workplace based manual handling risk assessments)
  • Manual Handling Train the Trainer course (takes two days and includes supervision of the first course delivered)

More courses are to be added, and we are always open to suggestions.

Extra Benefits

Some courses also have additional benefits which are available for people who attend the open sessions. (Unless specifically negotiated these benefits do not apply to block-booked sessions). Contact us for more information about the courses and the Extras.

Bespoke Courses

Safety 4 HEd LLP can also provide bespoke courses to suit your needs. With an extensive range of topics (much wider than those listed above), we have the experience in tailoring and producing high quality materials, and adapting standard courses, to suit your needs.
If we are unable to provide you with what you want, we will seek a competent specialist provider for you.

Prices for Our Bespoke Courses

These are agreed on a case-by-case basis. Quotes will be valid for one month and will be held once agreed regardless of any cost increases.

Partner courses

Safety 4 HEd works with other organisations to provide additional courses. The following courses can be arranged with our partners for delivery on your sites or in an general open session.

Prices for Our Partner Courses

Prices for courses are available on request and are subject to change without notice (though we will endeavor to give at least a one month lead in time for changes). Once agreed with us, the prices we quote will be fixed for one month regardless of any subsequent increases. We are subject to price changes from our partner organisations and so cannot provide as generous price protection as we do with our main courses.

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