FRA – Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Scene
Scene of damaging roof fire

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments are required by law. They are capable of being simple documents that explain the sources of fire and how, as a business, you are going to prevent fires from happening, manage the impacts of fires and protect people from fires (including evacuation). They can also become fairly complex where you have processes with fire risks (for example in many labs) or where the buildings concerned are large or complex for some reason.

Vincent Theobald-Vega has been undertaking fire risk assessments for labs and other complex buildings since the legislation originally came into force, and is experienced at finding solutions to problems, including ways of managing the use of buildings to minimise risk of fires starting as well as the actions needed after a fire does break-out.

Other fire related activities.

Evacuation blocked by stairs
Disabled people have
difficulties coping with
the urban environment

Training your staff in fire escape is critical, and in larger buildings or structures with more complex issues this needs to be more than undertaking the occasional drill. We can assist in identifying what training you need and in developing or delivering much of that training. For elements that we do not deliver (for example hot fire training – putting out real fires) we can recommend other contractors.

Evacuation Chair training is highly advisable for people where there are known potential users of evacuations chairs. This includes buildings which invite in the public and require stair evacuation, as well as places of work where there are known disabled users who may need emergency evacuation in case of fire or power failure (when the lifts cannot be used). Vincent has been delivering Evac Chair training for over a decade and can train on several different models of evacuation chair. This is small group training and includes practical use of the chair, both pushing and riding in the chair.

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