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  • NEBOSH Students

Expert Witness Clients


I am a resident at a Retirement Village in Merseyside. I sought Vincent’s expert opinion with regards to serious health & safety breaches at the Village.

Vincent provided me with a detailed report that I submitted via The Rt Hon [MP] to [landlord]. As a result of that report, changes have been made by [landlord], although they have not implemented some of Vincent’s recommendations.

As a result of Vincent’s two reports, the village’s landlord’s asked the expert opinion of the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service.

They agreed with Vincent’s recommendations to remove the thick layer of grass covering an emergency access road servicing a substantial part of the village.

In the short term, they recommended that the road’s width and length be marked with high visibility flags on poles so that the emergency services can see where the road is.

The other thing that I want to highlight is that I have been bringing all of my concerns to the village’s landlords and the company managing the village since February 2019. When I contacted my MP the landlords took my complaints seriously.

I want to thank Vincent for making the village a safer place to live, visit and work.

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Consultancy clients


Vincent has been an awesome help. I was a bit uncertain about policies and other matters related to GDPR and he solved all my enquires in just a day. Thanks so much, Vincent.


Thanks for your advice Vincent. It is really helpful to have practical, meaningful explanations that apply to real situations.


I wanted to thank you for all your help and continual support providing H&S consultancy to our business. Your professional yet approachable manner helps us to ensure we provide a safe working environment for all our staff

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General Training Clients

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Mentee Clients


Since request for assistance two years ago, Vincent has been a vital part of not only my professional life but also shared his life experiences which together resulted in extraordinarily improvement over all for me. Vincent broad knowledge of most areas of field of H&S is an amazing asset weather it’s mentoring or your business needs. Not only I’d like to thank Vincent from the bottom of my heart for his ongoing support but also can’t think of any one better to recommend business wise.


I would like to thank Vincent for his valuable role as a mentor. When I contacted IIRSM to ask for a mentor regarding to get some advice for my health and safety consultancy business, I was introduced to Vincent. Vincent both provided his valuable ideas and listened to the problems I had about my new business and offered great advice. I would like to thank him once more for his kind efforts and help.

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NEBOSH students


Vincent helped me through through a recent Nebosh course to give me the confidence in both the exam and coursework process. Rather strange to do these after 20 years but brought back revision techniques and to utilise experience rather than just learnt knowledge. Thanks very much.


Vincent is a highly skilled tutor who is able to easily engage his audience. I can speak from first hand experience, as Vincent was a tutor of mine whilst I undertook taught sessions at Northumbria University as I studied for both my NEBOSH General Certificate and National Diploma. I thoroughly enjoyed Vincent’s sessions and his ability to explain and deconstruct topics before rebuilding them so that you fully grasp the principle.
I would highly recommend Vincent if you are considering a coach/tutor.


Vincent has been of great support both during and after my NEBOSH General course. He is very experienced, insightful and has a practical and pragmatic approach to all aspects of the course. If you want someone who has the ability to teach in a way that will stick with you, I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks


First class support prior to superb Nebosh General Certificate education at Northumbria University, Vincent is always contactable with faultless advice and information. I can’t recommend his services highly enough.


Vincent taught me amongst a group for the NEBOSH General certificate. His teaching style had more life to it than the normal every day style of teaching and this was a big reason that the information stuck. Thanks very much Vincent.


Vincent has taught modules to myself on the NEBOSH diploma, and having been a University student myself, I can only appreciate the opportunity to learn from Vincent as he is passionate and highly knowledgeable in his subject, and above all, he wants to get the message across to his students.


Thanks for making my NEBOSH course entertaining as well as informative. I’ve genuinely looked forward to coming to class, and I’m confident that I have a thorough grasp of the subject, thanks to your lectures and support.

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