Legal Issues

Legal issues relating to our company identity, contracts, insurance and more.

This page helps you find all the key legal information in one place. It also makes the rest of the site readable, without the legal issues getting in the way!

Company Registrations

Companies House

Safety 4 HEd LLP is registered at Companies House as a small partnership that was first established in 2010.

Data Protection

Safety 4 HEd LLP is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We are very strict about client confidentiality and data security. Information about our clients is only released when we are permitted to do so by our Clients, or required to released it by law or an enforcing authority. This includes emails and other data given to us by people on our various mailing lists.

Your data will be safe with us. Personal information can be identified and provided to the person to whom it relates, where this will not expose other people’s personal data, or breach another legal restriction (including solicitors legal privilege).


Our contract Terms and Conditions are very generous. They also form the basis of our long term Safety Support contracts which can be specifically adapted for each Client. Fees are charged after completion of work and we provide a 32 day period for you to pay your invoices.

If you are interested in a long term Safety Support contract, where we will work as your Safety Advisor (see Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999) please contact us for a quote. The monthly standing order fee covers all general advice (by telephone and email) and provides for a 1/3 discount on our standard prices for all types of visits and training, in addition you will get copies of our Update publication roughly monthly and any other general information notes written.


All our reports and materials are subject to copyright. In many cases the reports will also include sections or images where the copyright belongs to other organisations (such as the HSE). In all cases we are careful to ensure that we have the copyright to reproduce these items. If we did not own the copyright directly we will say where we got the materials from.

We respectfully request that you are equally careful over the copyright of images and documents, and do not reproduce our materials without permission.

Reports and documents written for Clients will always clearly state if the copyright has been transferred or if permission is given for internal copying and use.


If you need to see any of our registrations or policies they can be provided on request to

We hold insurances for

  • professional indemnity
  • public liability.


Safety 4 HEd LLP is a micro company. As such there is no legal obligation for us to hold many formal policies and procedures in written accessible form. However, we have provided some documents below.

All policies are subject to review and revised documents will be placed on the website with the same file name. If old versions are required please contact us.


It is easy for people to make claims about memberships on websites – but not always as easy to check them out. This is why we have provided the following links to help you validate us. In the case of institutes you can always contact the Membership Departments for validation.

Vincent Theobald-Vega professional accreditations.

    Occupational Safety and Health Contractors Register
    See Listing
    International Institute of Risk and Safety Management
    Royal Society for Public Health
    Institution of Occupational Safety and Health
    Institute for Safety in Technology and Research
  • EurOSHM
    European Occupational Safety and Health Manager
    See Listing
  • HSLA
    Health and Safety Lawyers Association
    See Listing