General Consultancy

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We provide general consultancy services to a wide range of clients.

Agree with us what you want and we will deliver it for you.

We offer long term contracts to act as your external advisor. You may benefit from the additional ‘on-tap’ support and assistance. So if want to know more about please contact Vincent for more details.

Audit and Inspection

Inspection and Audit services can provide you with the assurance that your systems are working properly and that you are doing the things that you need to do. Importantly inspection and audit also highlight any deficiencies in your current practice. Therefore we compare your practices against selected standards.

Extra Help

Sometimes even the most competent in-house team finds they need an external viewpoint. Many of our specialist contracts are with competent practitioners who need a second opinion or very specific assistance with an issue on the edge of their competency.

Asking for help is not a failure. It is often an opportunity to develop your own skills and enhance your own systems.

Specialist Consultancy

We provide specialist consultancy services for a wide range of clients. Every client has different needs. Therefore, all our services will be bespoke to your needs.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments are required by law. They are documents that explain the sources of fire, and how, as a business, you are going to prevent fires, manage the impacts of fire, and protect people from fire (including by evacuation).

Laboratory Safety

Specialist consultancy for biological (up to bio containment level 3) and chemical laboratories, including the risk assessment of work, and the design and maintenance of facilities.

Asbestos Management Audits

Looking at the way that you manage your asbestos and the processes you use to ensure that it is maintained in a safe condition, or safely removed, including the competency of the people involved at all stages.

Note this is not an asbestos survey, though we can suggest suitable surveyors if required.


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Investigations into accidents, incidents, near-miss events, complaints and in general anything that has cause for concern. Because we follow high standards we always include recommendations to address the root causes of the incident.

Root causes

These are the things that started or enabled the chain of events that leading to your incident. Addressing root causes may prevent many more incidents. Furthermore these incidents may superficially have no connection with the incident we investigated for you.

Our investigations

We undertake all our investigations in accordance with the HSE’s published HSG245 standard.

Legal Privilege

Our investigations may be conducted under ‘Legal Privilege‘ (if instructed by a solicitor). Also see the Expert Witnes services below.

Expert Witness

Safety 4 HEd Logo for Expert Witness Services
Safety 4 HEd Logo for Expert Witness Services

Vincent Theobald-Vega is a multi award winning expert in health and safety and so can give you support with a wide range of issues. These range from simply reviewing in-house measures, through to providing expert opinion (as a registered Expert Witness).

Civil Cases

Significant experience on cases where there is a contractual dispute involved to assist the parties in determining if or where there has been a health and safety failure and to what extent this has relevance to the dispute at hand.

Criminal Cases

Having been both an HSE ‘prosecutor’ (with a 100% conviction rate in court), and also working on the criminal defense side in cases, there is a lot to offer.

In the case of HSE or Local Authority investigations you may also want to have a competent second voice available to assist you in identifying suitable solutions or even assisting with defense when faced with legal action or notices.

A Second Eye

Sometimes having a second eye look over the evidence you have can help you to formulate a better opinion of the viability of a case.

Sometimes re-investigating the facts will raise new evidence or new questions that may significantly develop your case.


Safety 4 HEd Logo for Training Services
Safety 4 HEd Logo for Training Services

Vincent is not only a qualified safety professional but is also a qualified further education teacher (Cert Ed LLS).

Our training is excellent with feedback available for many courses. See the training pages on this website for more information.

Training can be delivered face to face or remotely, and in large groups, small groups or one:one as necessary.

All training is supported with written materials and other items as appropriate.

Bespoke as Standard

Bespoke training for your team, on specific issues, or general matters. Available to help you meet your responsibilities safely and effectively.

For all Safety 4 HEd courses the materials you need will be provided as part of the course fee (no hidden extras). All our courses are certificated (certificates provided as PDF documents).

Our training records are maintained for up to five years so we can confirm that you had the training and what materials were used in the course.

Standard Courses

Training for your team, via off-the-shelf courses (delivered via other training providers) are available to help you meet your responsibilities safely and effectively.

Training room


Safety 4 HEd Logo for Mentoring Services
Safety 4 HEd Logo for Mentoring Services


Vincent provides mentoring to health and safety managers as part of the range of services available.

Mentoring is a process that helps people find their own solutions to their health and safety problems, by developing their management of issues. It is not training as it seeks to assist the person to develop their own understandings, and is therefore often seen as a part of their personal development of a professional. Previously Vincent provided mentoring as part of both the IOSH and IIRSM continual professional development (CPD) schemes.

If you feel this would be of assistance to you please contact Vincent by email or telephone 07940 564 889 for a discussion about your needs.

Helpful Materials

Our long standing clients get free reports every month, as well as access to the archive of subject reports. If you want to read one of these, or want to see the quality of our services, please feel free to contact us by email ( or complete the contact form requesting a copy of one of the reports.

Yes we will want to offer you more services and we may also encourage you to join a mail list but all of that is entirely optional. We do not pressure people and we will be here for you when you want more.

Report List (selected articles)

(A small charge of £5 is made for these items – unless you are one of our long term clients.)

  • Advice
    • Health and Safety Advice – What the law requires
    • Standards?
  • CDM
    • About CDM, Help for Occasional Clients
  • Consultation
    • Why you should Consult your Staff
    • EH40 and COSHH
    • COSHH Part 1, Part 2 .DOC Part 2 .PDF formats
  • DSE
    • About DSE Assessments, Why, Who, What, When and How!
  • Electrical
    • About PAT, Why, Who, What, When and How!
  • Emergency
    • Why you should share emergency health information
  • Fire
    • Fire Risk Assessment Clarified
    • Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid
    • First-Aid Needs Assessment
  • Homeworking
    • Homeworking guidance document, risk assessment form and example completed form.
  • Law
    • Health and Safety Advice – What the law requires
    • Legal Overlap
    • Standards?
  • Occupational Health
    • When do I need an Occupational Health Service?
  • Portable Appliance Testing
    • About PAT, Why, Who, What, When and How!
  • Training
    • Why Use a Training Matrix

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