General Consultancy

We provides general consultancy services to a wide range of clients, as both part of a long term programme or as one-off sessions. The outputs from this are specified by the Client and include simple reports, Audits to specific standards / formats, recommendation lists, gap analysis, or a wide range of other documentation. Agree with us what you want and we will deliver it for you.

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Investigations into accidents, incidents, near-miss events, complaints and in general anything that has cause for concern.

Investigations are undertaken (and documented) in accordance with the HSG245 standard. This is the HSE’s current best practice guidance for investigations. Because of my experience I am also skilled at knowing when an investigation should be conducted openly, and when it should be done under the seal of ‘Legal Privilege’ (for which you need to involve a solicitor).

The outcome of an investigation should always include recommendations that will address the root causes of the incident (even if say, a complaint is not justified there will still be some issue that will have provoked the complaint and that still needs to be addressed).

PDCA cycle

PDCA cycle

Audit and Inspection

Inspection and Audit services provide you with the assurance that your systems are working properly and that you are doing the things that you need to do, and also importantly highlight any deficiencies in your current practice (comparing against selected standards).

An Audit is a systematic review of what you are doing, what you need to do, and what needs to be done to bridge any gaps.

An Inspection can be a stand-alone activity or can be used as a part of the Audit, but is less directed in that it only looks at what is there to be seen (including documents) and is not necessarily as systematic.

The outcomes from audits and inspections are reports, with recommendations for action, which you can use to develop action plans addressing any gaps identified, and preventing drift in the near future. Because they are snap-shot events they need to be repeated periodically and normally this will be agreed with you as the client or a recommendation will be included in the report.

Fire scene

After the fire

Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessments are required by law. They are capable of being simple documents that explain the sources of fire and how, as a business, you are going to prevent fires from happening, manage the impacts of fires and protect people from fires (including evacuation). They can also become fairly complex where you have processes with fire risks (for example in many labs) or where the buildings concerned are large or complex for some reason.

Vincent Theobald-Vega has been undertaking fire risk assessments for labs and other complex buildings since the legislation originally came into force, and is experienced at finding solutions to problems, including ways of managing the use of buildings to minimise risk of fires starting as well as the actions needed after a fire does break-out.

Teaching room

Teaching in small groups at your workplace.


Bespoke training for your team, general training on specific issues, or off-the-shelf training from NEBOSH* or IOSH* (*delivered via other training providers) are all available to help you meet your responsibilities safely and effectively. Vincent is not only a qualified safety professional but is also a qualified further education teacher (Cert Ed LLS).

For all Safety 4 HEd courses the materials you need for courses will be provided as part of the course fee (no hidden extras) and all our courses are certificated (certificates provided as PDF documents). In addition to this. our training records are maintained for up to five years so we can confirm that you had the training and what materials were used in the course.

Our training is excellent with feedback available for many courses. See the training pages on this website for more information.


Forensics Industry emag Award 2015.

Second Opinion

Vincent Theobald-Vega is an expert in health and safety and so can give you support with a wide range of issues. These range from simply backing up in-house views (with my experience and competency) through to providing expert opinion (as a registered Expert Witness). In the case of HSE or Local Authority investigations you may also want to have a competent second voice available to support you in identifying suitable solutions or even assisting with defence when faced with legal action or notices.

Helpful Materials

Our long standing clients are provided with a free report every month, as well as access to the archive of subject reports (see below). If you particularly want to read one of these, or want to see the quality of our services please feel free to contact us by email ( or complete the contact form requesting a copy of one of the reports.

Yes we will want to offer you more services and we may also encourage you to join a mail list but all of that is entirely optional. We do not pressure people (far too many other worthwhile things to do) and we will be here for you when you want more.

Current list of reports (not in any special order)

  • Avoid being injured by your computer (DSE poster) **
  • As it says on the Tin (Poster on the new GHS chemical labeling system) **
  • About PAT, Why, Who, What, When and How!
  • Why you should Consult your Staff
  • Why Use a Training Matrix
  • Why you should share emergency health information (a handout for staff to encourage them to give you health information)
  • About CDM, Help for Occasional Clients
  • About DAE Assessments, Why, Who, What, When and How!
  • Safety Signs Course (also comes with PowerPoint and test papers) **
  • Standards (a note about the importance of standards in health and safety management)

** A small charge of £5 is made for these items – unless you are one of our customers.