Safety 4 HEd welcomes readers of Social Housing Today.

Safety 4 HEd welcomes readers of Social Housing Today.

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Our Services

Safety 4 HEd provide expert multi-award winning health and safety services to a wide range of organisations. We are very happy to include social housing and accommodation in this range.

Our services are headlined under: advice, audit, inspection, investigation, Fire Risk Assessment, CDM, expert witness services and much more.

Why we are good for social housing providers

We are ideal for the Social Housing sector because of our experience in all the areas that are needed. Social housing obviously includes work in accommodation, construction and maintenance. However less obviously there is also asbestos management and liaison with architects and local authorities. Again we have the experience to help in these areas.

As Head of Safety for Newcastle University, Vincent was responsible for the health and safety of all Newcastle University accommodation. On top of this were the build and maintenance programs for Newcastle University (a £500M pa institution).

As an HSE Inspector Vincent has a specialism with the asbestos removal industry. Since becoming a freelance consultant he has had several clients working in the sector. Vincent has also been an expert witness in various cases resulting from the failure to adequately manage asbestos.

Bespoke as standard

Despite the recent launch of the international health and safety management standard ISO 45001, bespoke services still matter. There is still the need for specialist services to provide you with what you require, not just a menu of products. We firmly believe that all services should be tailored to suit the client – however standard the outline appears to be.

Contact us today

Contact us to see what we can do for you, helping you protect your people, your tenants, your contractors and your reputation.

Our prices are already low (considering the skill and professional quality of service you will receive) but for the public sector and for charities we offer additional discounts. Feel free to ask us to price against jobs or tender to specifications.

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