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Safety 4 HEd working for the Public Sector.

Professional business team at work
Professional business team at work

The company was originally established in 2010 with the specific aim of working with and for the University and Higher Education sector. Now we will work with a wide range of bodies in the public sector and private companies, but our experience of the public sector, the need for predictable costings, and flexible arrangements, mean that we are very attractive to public sector bodies.

We deliver services that are specifically designed to fit in with your systems (matching your arrangements and management approaches) and our fees are predictable from the start of the project right through to the end. Total transparency and no hidden extras.

Public sector bodies are able to request a generous 10% discount on all fees (not transport and subsistence) and all invoices are provided at the end of the project (unless it is agreed in advance to have interim payments).

Single place setting - ready for the course to start.
Ready for the course.

Case study.

We delivered training designed to match the skills competency of the IOSH Working Safely course to over 500 University porters, cleaners and catering staff. Because of our bespoke approach we were able to integrate the training into the University safety management system. This meant that the University procedures were all used in the examples and case studies on the course.

The result was an increased willingness of the staff to report and act on problems that they identified. This removed numerous dangerous items of equipment from use (pending repair), increased the reporting of accidents and identified numerous areas where further risk assessments were needed.

The project also saved more than £30,000 compared to the normal course delivery, because the small group teaching sessions (8 to 20 people) only took half a day instead of the whole work day normally required for IOSH courses. The 250 days of time saved therefore represented a substantial cost saving. This was able to be done with no loss of knowledge because of the integration into the already existing systems and understanding that the staff had.

All attendees were provided with certificates after they passed a test of understanding, which was more rigorous than the IOSH test used at the time of the course, and which was based on examples from the delegates own workplaces.

If you want to know more about our training please contact Safety 4 HEd today.

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