Award from the Forensic Industry e-mag

Award News – Safety 4 HEd Wins Major Award.

The “Award of Excellence for Services to the Health and Safety Industry 2015” has been given to Safety 4 HEd jointly by the Security Industry E-Mag and the Forensics Industry E-Mag and Expert Witness E-Mag.

This is a great honour, and has been granted us because of the range and details of the services that we supply. If you want confirmation of the quality of our work look at the quotations in the “What people say” box that appears on every page.

The key services that earned our award are: the investigations that we can undertake; backed up by Expert opinion; along with the other management assistance with advice and audits; and, our substantial training provisions.

There will be further articles during the year about our progress following these awards.


Because of this we are now entitled to display the following logos on our website and publications.

Forensics Industry Award
Award logo entitled to be used by Safety 4 HEd following 2015 award being made.
SIEM Award Logo
Security Industry eMag Award Logo that Safety 4 HEd is entitled to display following 2015 award being made.


Safety 4 HEd is featured on the front page and inside the winter 2015 copy of the Forensics and Expert Witness Industry E-Mag (see page 47).

Safety 4 HEd is featured on pages 27/28 of the of the Forensics and Expert Witness Industry E-Mag.

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