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Health and safety advice – What the law requires

What the law requires for health and safety advice.

Here at Safety 4 HEd we have produced a brief paper to assist people with understanding the legal requirements for health and safety advice. There is a lot of contradictory ‘advice’ available on this issue. Much of the ‘advice’ is from people advertising services, often implying you must use their specific service. This is simply not true, but there are areas where the requirements are a little less cut and dry.

Click to download the PDF copy of "Health and Safety Advice - What the law requires"
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Advice sources

The Safety 4 HEd guide is available here and you are free to share it with other people (please do not alter it). You can also find guidance on competent advice page of the HSE website. The following documents may also be useful:

  • HSE statement to the external providers of health and safety assistance
  • INDG420 Getting specialist help with health and safety


The HSE (and Safety 4 HEd) recommend that most people can deal with the basics of health and safety without the need for specialist support. However, you do need to know what you are doing and be competent for the level that you are working at. You also need to know where your limits are and when it is time to ask for help.

Health and safety responsibilities mainly lie with the employer, but supported by specialists when needed. It can be hard to work out when you do need help. Safety 4 HEd will be happy to assist you working this out. If it is a very simple matter we will not charge you either!

If you need training to become competent at managing your own health and safety, Safety 4 HEd can provide it for you.

It is often easier to deal with health and safety management internally, calling on an external provider now and then. It is especially helpful to periodically check that you are getting things right. Again Safety 4 HEd can assist with investigations, inspections and audits. We can also help you examine your competency to operate your own health and safety system.

If you want the reassurance of a long term helping hand then feel free to call on us for light touch, right through to high involvement, health and safety support.

Our success stories include clients who have developed their in house understanding so that they no longer need support. These companies now work on their own (calling once in a while for those odd things or for reassurance that their systems are working as intended).

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